Sagittarius Man

March 21 - April 19


Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is tolerant, sincere and honest. He is always involved at the heart of matters. He is a team leader and is respected by others. Truthfulness is the well known personality trait of the Sagittarius man. But sometimes, unconsciously, his boundless sincerity hurts others. And from time to time the Sagittarius man can overreach the limits and get hurt.

Personality Traits

Sagittarius men are idealistic and do not lack the enthusiasm. Their exuberance, however, can sometimes get out of control. Beware of their sincerity. It is a very distinct personality trait of this expressive zodiac sign.

If you ask such man, just by the way, how many acquaintances he had and how long they lasted, Sagittarius will unashamedly tell you everything. Maybe you will have even to stop him before he starts to portray all the spicy stories related to his previous intimate life. Of course, certainly not all men born under Sagittarius are tactless, but the usual jovial friendliness is a typical personality feature of almost all of them.

Sagittarians often do not prefer lasting relationships and family ties that should outlast the centuries. But they consolidate friendships with those who deserve it. When they feel that the spark of the relationship vanished, they point the arrow elsewhere. If you want to share the enthusiasm with him, let the Sagittarius man know that your spirit is as free as his.

Optimistic, curious, cheerful, adventurous and dynamic – such is the typical Sagittarius man and his best known personality traits!

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