Sagittarius Characteristics

March 21 - April 19



Respect and embarrassment at the same time

"Wear one's heart on one's sleeve" – this is the best summary of the Sagittarian characteristic. It is a good-natured archer who arouses respect and embarrassment at the same time. Sagittarius people are not spiteful, but their flippancy and sincerity can disarm many people, even friends. When the Sagittarius will shoot the arrows around, he or she will smile while your laugh will probably be soon over. To better imagine his / her common attitude – Sagittarian's statements correspond with the characteristic straightforward ability to aptly, but often also tactlessly comment everything around, eg .: "Today you look much better than last time, that you had greasy hair and the old turtleneck. You are really making the progress!" or "Have you finally got to the school? I think you will be completely gray before the graduation." or "The egg spread on your sandwich is really good. Hopefully breeders got rid of the salmonella which was last year still widespread."

Quickly judging

Sagittarius often jumps to conclusions. They can spew many shocking judgments and look totally innocent. It is often really strange how so clever person can be sometimes blind to own statements. And yet these archers often believe that they are the greatest diplomats under the sun! Unfortunately the Wild West saying "shoot first, ask later" is more appropriate by them. But you will never be angry with them when they apparently lack the malicious intent. The endless optimism is a characteristic feature of this zodiac sign.


Sagittarians are usually self-confident people who despise conventions. They refuse to accept the seriousness of life. They are bold and they seek the adventure or even danger because their element is fire. Therefore Sagittarians are usually extroverted. Those who live in seclusion you will find only sporadically, but those archers characteristically have also fantastic dreams and high aims. They are not hopeless dreamers. Such Sagittarians will present their plans to others only when they are confident of success. If some Sagittarius becomes a hermit for a short time, it is usually a very good opportunity to sharpen his / her wit to absolute brilliance.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius are visionaries who are often ahead of the time. The very brilliant idea, however, is only half the battle. Unusually, if the Sagittarius does not have a favourable constellation of planets in the horoscope, he or she may face to problems and be unable to successfully realize all the sparkling ideas. Unfortunately, endurance is not very characteristic for them (on the contrary broad-mindedness is the very characteristic feature for Sagittarius). They are willing to take risks rather than to wait and slowly build the „magnum opus“ step by step.

Love and generosity

Sagittarians often plunge into love affairs without thinking. But, at the same time, they are generous to everyone that they respect or love, and they will always find the extra space at the table for an unexpected guest.

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