March 21 - April 19


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Key features: self-confidence, boldness, flippancy, open-mindedness, willingness to take risks
Best match: Aries, Leo


"Wear one's heart on one's sleeve" – this is the best summary of the Sagittarian characteristic. It is a good-natured archer who arouses respect and embarrassment at the same time. Sagittarius people are not spiteful, but their flippancy and sincerity can disarm many people, even friends. When the Sagittarius will shoot the arrows around, he or she will smile while your laugh will probably be soon over. To better imagine his / her common attitude – Sagittarian's statements correspond ... (more)


The Sagittarius man is tolerant, sincere and honest. He is always involved at the heart of matters. He is a team leader and is respected by others. Truthfulness is the well known personality trait of the Sagittarius man. But sometimes, unconsciously, his boundless sincerity hurts others. And from time to time the Sagittarius man can overreach the limits and get hurt. Sagittarius men are idealistic and do not lack the enthusiasm. Their exuberance, however, can ... (more)


The Sagittarius woman is honest and does not pretend anything. Although her personality is often more materialistic rather than spiritual, she is not afraid to admit it. That is also the reason why Sagittarius women have more friends among men. The woman born under Sagittarius is active and very often involved in sports or other kind of movement” or enterprise in general. Her relationship to the family life is usually slightly indifferent, but she loves her children above all ... (more)

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